"History is a passion of mine and I find your resources are igniting that in my kids as well. You are producing resources that the kids love - awesome work!" Mrs B. Qld


Welcome to the Aussie Star Resources website!

Aussie Star Resources is dedicated to creating fun and engaging teaching resources for Upper Primary teachers because the big kids are fun too!

At Aussie Star we know how busy you are and how hard it is to find interesting and engaging teaching resources for upper primary students. There's a fine line between cutesy and cool with this age group and you want to provide them with resources and activities that respect their age and interests, and keep them engaged in your lesson. Well that's what Aussie Star Resources do, we create awesome resources that receive great feedback from teachers just like you!

"This is fantastic thank you! Exactly what I wanted, saved me hours of work :)!"
Michelle H.

"Excellent! Loved doing this with my Year 5 class! Thank you. :-)"
Dayna M.

"This is an excellent product and ticks many boxes as a learning activity. A boring topic became a fun lesson. My students were engaged, prompted lots of discussion and co-operative learning. Will follow up with quiz to consolidate lesson facts and discussions on referendums etc.
My students say thanks."

"Worth every cent and the activities will be so much more engaging for the students..Thank You."
Mrs M

On our website we not only feature our resources but our blog posts are all about Upper Primary teaching, professional development and IT. If you're looking for some hints and tips or extra ideas to add to your lessons then follow our blog posts to keep up to date.


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