About Me

Hi! I'm Amy and I love to teach Upper Primary students! I love their energy, humour and even their sassy attitude! I love being able to teach topics that generate discussion and I’m always amazed at the maturity and insight upper primary students have. Keeping up with older students and their teaching needs can be very time consuming and as teachers we place a lot of pressure on ourselves to ensure our lessons are interesting and fun, while still curriculum centred. This takes dedication and enormous amounts of time – usually outside of the classroom.

Can you relate to the following?

  • I really enjoy teaching upper primary students. They’re able to connect with topics and ideas with insight and maturity.
  • I’m always pressed for time. I’m flat out with my school work and find it difficult to make time for myself and my family. I wish there was a way I could take some pressure off!
  • I know the Australian Curriculum has some really important topics for upper primary students but they can be a bit ‘dry’ and boring to  teach and learn.
  • I want resources that meet my planning requirements but are fun and engaging for my students.

Well I’m hearin’ ya! That was me! From the moment I started teaching the Australian National Curriculum I knew there was a need for fun and engaging  teaching resources for upper primary students. Some of the topics can be a bit dull (ok, VERY dull). Have you ever been teaching your Year 6 class about Henry Parkes to have them all looking like this young lady?
I know I have! He’s not a particularly exciting character in Australia’s history but he is definitely worth knowing about. Teaching topics such as the Constitution and Separation of Powers can be confusing and many of the resources available are bland and boring. By the end of your unit on Civics and Citizenship you can hear the students groan at the sight of another worksheet.

My goal is to ensure that you have a one stop shop for funengaging and thorough teaching resources that complement your teaching AND make teaching those not so exciting topics interesting and enjoyable.

My other goal is to make your life easier so you can spend time doing the things you love rather than worrying about creating or finding teaching resources. I know what it’s like to spend your evenings creating activities and resources, or brainstorming ways to teach a concept when you should really be spending time taking care of your family and yourself. I know what it’s like to worry about not getting it all done and trying to find something that will help to ease the load. I’ve been there! Teaching is an incredibly demanding profession and the demands seem to be growing, so if Aussie Star Resources can make life easier for Aussie teachers then I’ve achieved one of my major goals as a resource developer.

I’ve been teaching since 2012 after a career in advertising . I’m Mum to two gorgeous kids who are 10 and 2 and I’ve taken this year off to work as a full time Mum. I really miss being in the classroom but I’m enjoying taking this time to create all the resources that would have made my life easier when I was teaching. I love that I can share them with other teachers to ease the load on their incredibly busy lives.  I’m currently studying a Masters of Science – Mathematics and Science Education and I enjoy going to professional development focused on building teacher networks and opportunities for collaboration. I also work with one of the universities in South Australia as a liaison supporting teaching students while on their practicum placements. I really enjoy this role as I not only get to connect with the next generation of teachers but also their mentors who are often incredibly hardworking and incredibly inspiring – just like you!

I’m so glad you’ve found Aussie Star Resources and hope that you find helpful tools that make your teaching fun and engaging but also ease your workload and help you find time for YOU!

Warmest regards