Recently the Aussie Star family went on holiday to Canberra. Our daughter changed schools a couple of years ago and while she’s very happy where she is, it did mean that she would miss out on going to Canberra for camp in year 6. Also, I have taken students to Canberra for camp a couple of times and think it is one of the best family holiday destinations in Australia – there is so much to do! So, we set off from our home near Adelaide and broke the 16 hour drive up across three days, travelling through Western Victoria, staying at Goroke, then RushworthRead More →

No doubt you’ve been flat out since school started! The start of the year is a really exciting time but it can also be exhausting. There’s so much to do, set up your room, prep stationery, make labels, clean and most importantly PLAN! I’m one of those weird people that love to plan! #inserteyeroll However, I’ve changed my planning strategy over the last 2 years, particularly when it comes to the HASS component of the Australian Curriculum. I used to write my HASS plan and then look for resources and assessment ideas to suit my plan. This worked well – some of the time. ItRead More →

I love this video. Like some of our wonderful cricketers I think many Australians are not aware of the name of our first Prime Minister. I remember learning it in Year 12 legal studies but if I hadn’t completed this subject I may not have known for a long time – or ever! In the past Australia’s political history has not been a major topic and therefore we’ve grown up somewhat ignorant of how Australia’s federation came about and the impact this has had on our society since then. With the a national curriculum in place this will no longer be an issue. Some ofRead More →

Are you teaching Australian Federation this year? If you haven’t taught the Year 6 curriculum before you may need to update your personal knowledge about this topic before planning and teaching your unit. This blog post will focus on the reasons for and against federation and how these can be addressed in a way that students can understand. Because I just can’t help myself I’ve set this out similar to a lesson plan to make it easy to read and you can print it off as a reference. Topic: The reasons for and against Australia’s Federation Australian Curriculum content descriptor/s: ACHASSK134 Objectives To understand the issues that motivated the move towardsRead More →

I’m glad you asked! My favourite Science unit to teach is definitely Earth Sciences. Studying earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis is exciting and students love to learn about how these amazing natural phenomenon are caused and what effects they can have. In Australia we occasionally have some minor tremors and our volcanoes are all extinct – mind you on our last family trip to Mt Gambier I did feel a fleeting moment of panic at the thought that the experts might be wrong and that any moment the Blue Lake might not be quite so tranquil! Are you teaching Earth Sciences this term? If you are hereRead More →

When I hear the term Separation of Powers the first thing that comes to mind is a cartoon from my childhood called Shazzan! It was usually on around the same time as He-Man and She-Ra Princess of Power. If you know what I’m talking about welcome fellow child of the 80’s! If you don’t know what I’m on about I’ll give you a brief run down. In a nutshell this cartoon was about two teenagers called Chuck and Nancy who found two rings, with each ring having a half of a symbol. Chuck and Nancy travelled around an Arabian country on a flying camel called Kaboobie. LikeRead More →